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Indigo Sky Appaloosas

Awesomely Buff


Buff stands 16 hands and weighs 1300lbs.  He has a super disposition and is very intelligent.  He loves to let himself out of his stall and then play with anything he can find in the isle of the barn!  Buff has been shown very lightly in HIH classes and color classes. Buff has a very pretty head with a nice long well shaped neck.  He definitely has a huge hip with gorgeous muscling and excellent movement.   His sire is Awesome Stetson by Stetson Plaudit by King Plaudit.  His dam is Foxy Heiress by Impressive Heir.  Impressive Heir is a full brother to King's Heir.  Buff is linebred on Impressive, King Plaudit, Three Bars, and Skipper W. Buff is HYPP N/N.